Vogue Patterns Magazine October/November 2011

In my e-mail inbox this morning was the October/November Vogue Patterns Magazine notice.  I usually skip right over this notice, but I’m glad I opened it today!  I like the featured cover article about grey.  I’ve been dying to try out a grey dress after seeing two of Michelle Obama’s dresses (the Derek Lam dress and the Narciso Rodriguez wrap dress that reminds me very much of V1239).  But there are 2 other articles I would love to lay my covetous eyes on:  “Beyond Vintage” and “Hidden Treasures.”  Based on the synopsis in the promo e-mail, “Beyond Vintage” has the magazine staff making vintage Vogue patterns more up-to-date and “Hidden Treasures” is a “guide to finding materials for your next sewing project in thrift stores.” (quote from the e-mail). 
I have seen blog guides to sewing with thrift store finds, but many of them are for teeny-tiny girls or young women.  I’m hoping to see what treatment VoguePatterns gives the topic.  And, armed with my trusty 40% coupon,  I’m off to Joann’s this tonight.  Does anyone know if Joann’s accepts coupons for magazine purchases?  I didn’t notice magazines on their exclusions list…

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