Thriftin’ ain’t Easy but Somebody’s Gotta do It!

I never knew how much work it was to be a weekend parent – the commuting for the handoff alone exhausts me!  But, summer vacation is over in three more weeks and the twins will be back home with me.  Yay!
We have been thrifting up a storm when we are together.  There is a GW Outlet about 20 minutes from home that we’ve been going nuts at for over a year.  I love the “treasure hunt” aspect of it and the kids love the sheer volume of things they can get for a little!  Most of my fine fabrics (silk, wool, leather) and upper brand name items (some with the store tags still on them), and a lot of our furniture is from the Outlet.  Most items are by the pound money or very cheap individually (25 paperbacks, leather coats for $4, luggage and other bags for 99, toys by the pound…).
The kids and I went off to the Goodwill Outlet last weekend (oops, two weekends ago now!).  It was an awesome day of thrifting!  The Little Miss needed new sneakers and a lunchbox for school.  I told her we had a $10 budget for both items and sent her off to find some sneakers.  She found a pair of Easy Spirit sneakers that fit and she liked.  Then she called me over to help her find a lunchbox.  I usually look in the clothing bins, but off I went to help her find a lunchbox.  We found an old-school plastic Care Bears lunchbox.  Mission accomplished for under $10.

Bins & Bins of Stuff

While looking through the “stuff” bins, I came across a pattern – which happens sometimes.  But when I dug a little more, there were more and more patterns – vintage patterns!  All together, I found 59 patterns – mostly vintage, in the GW Outlet bin along with a Coats & Clark A-Z sewing book.  I was totally geeked by this time.  We found a few other good things – craft supplies, a couple of toys for the Little Mister, some videos, and a few clothes – on our trek.  Total = $27.
This past Saturday, we did it again!  But this time we (me, the twins, their soon-to-be stepsister on their father’s side, my sweetie, and my mom) went on a caravan trip to the Notre Dame Church tag sale in Durham.  The church holds a giant tag sale/flea market the first Saturdays between May and September.  Flea vendors’ prices can vary, but the church’s prices are super low.  Bags of clothing are $2+, glassware, costume jewelry, toys, craft supplies, small appliances, linens, and more!  I found more patterns, most of which are vintage!  I also got a good-sized box of sewing supplies, a weaving loom set, a skirt for me, a corduroy skirt to refashion and two waterfall art prints for just $5!  The kids got stuffed animals, rings, sunglasses, and a scooter for less than the $5 each I gave them to spend.  My mom got a self-inflicted torture device exercise machine for $6 and my sweetie found some vintage sports cards and Pez dispensers for less than $10 total.  We spent more on food and drinks than on items we purchased!  We had a great time! 
On the sewing front, I worked through the FBA class hosted by PatternReview and think I got the vintage Butterick 4125 adjusted properly.  I cut the fashion fabric out last night – fingers crossed that the sewing goes smoothly!

Special thanks to my little photographer!

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