It’s Not the Mojo…

It is time for some truthtelling.  I have not made a successful garment from scratch for myself in almost 10 years.  I remember a time when almost all my clothes were me-made and I loved it.  At 5’11”, I lengthened almost every pattern out of necessity and I was totally comfortable sewing size 16 patterns which fit me and worked out fine for my D-cup bustline.
Well here I am, 9 years A.T. (After Twins) and I feel stuck.  The items I have attempted to sew for myself have not worked out well. At. All.  I got fitted for new bras two weeks ago and I’m now a (*gulp*) G-cup.  Getting patterns to fit me now is no longer just a matter of lengthening pieces.  Just cutting out larger size patterns have led to some serious wadders.  My attempts at FBAs have not worked well either.  I have become frustrated.  And my flat pattern measurement work and pattern grading failures have made me feel like a fat cow.  (Which may or may not be true…Ok, Steve, I know I know.  I’m not fat…)
Yet hopeful.  I remember having great success with sewing (years ago…).  I designed and sewed my own prom dress for goodness sake!  I loved having the ability to control how my wardrobe looked by color, style, fit, and fiber content.  And as (an erstwhile) lover of Boden’s style but not their prices, I really miss being able to “get the look” for much less!
So what am I going to do about all this?  A couple of things: 
1.  I’m going to accept my size and proportions.  If my bust measurements are truly (*ahem*) 38 upper and 44 full, I am going to accept that and move forward.  If I need to grade patterns I love that don’t fit my measurements I will do that too!
2.  I’m going to get the FBA down!  I signed up for Sarah Veblen’s Bust Adjustments course on PatternReview.  Fingers crossed that I can get this right!
I can’t go out with a completely pic-free post.  Here’s a shot of my long-lost body prom dress.


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