First Attempt at Henna

I can’t believe I’m busier without the kids than I am with them.  I’m getting used to the new work schedule, but I’m still a little tired by 8pm.  And I’ve been driving to and from New London for the kids every weekend :).
I’ve been modifying patterns, but haven’t gotten to sit at a sewing machine.  But I did get to henna my hair for the first time.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out – all my grey hairs are covered!
The Little Miss liked it so much she wants me to henna her hair too.

I’ve got more grey hair than my mother!
Very pleased with the results of Henna Hut’s red/dark red mix

2 thoughts on “First Attempt at Henna

  1. Amy

    I like the color. I was over on PatternReview a couple of days ago – saw that they have another FBA/SBA class scheduled for Sept. Would you mind telling me what you thought? Is it worth the price?

  2. Juli

    Thanks – I'm just glad it covers the (many) gray hairs. I think the class was worth the price for a few reasons. 1) It gave me a space (time-wise) to do the exercises.2) On the class board pages, it was very helpful to read about others' process and answers to their questions. Some people talked about stuff I never even thought of before!3) Paying the class fee is a great motivator to do the fba work!The 1 (little) negative for me was that the instructor's tone when answering questions could be a bit huffy/condescending – like our questions were inconveniencing her. One of the other women taking the course called her on it though, and the instrutor's tone did a 180! Hope it's better for the Sept. class. I hope this helps :).


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