Pipecleaners + Jello = Spiral Curls!

5/16/11 – Ah, finally at a desktop.  I’ve added links below.
I’ve been trying to add some “girly” to my appearance – getting out of jeans and sneakers, doing more than pulling my hair back, and even *shock-and-awe* putting makeup on.  These developments are almost revolutionary on my part.  Growing up churchy, I never experimented with trying to look attractive.  Doing in-home social work for the past 5 years hasn’t motivated me to channel my inner girl (or inner drag queen, depending on your perspective on 6ft. “girls”) either.  I’ve got a lot to learn.

Enter the internet.  The web is a never-ending source of new information!  I started my and DD’s locs with Cherie King’s Bradelocz ebook.  The Little Miss’s are almost 5 years old and mine are 4.  I did a bantu knot set two weeks ago.  The knots are uncomfortable to sleep on and uncomfortable to wear running errands.  And the curls fell after 1 day. *humph*

I needed to find a nonchemical way to get the set to hold longer.  The Fedora Lounge forum mentioned sugar water, honey, flaxseed gel, and…Jello.  I had Jello in the kitchen cabinet.  A little more searching and I found a Jello setting lotion recipe on Imitation of Vintage Life (her finger waves look great).

Bantu knots weren’t gonna cut it this time.  Twist-out? Braid-out?  There were web discussions on using pipecleaners for spiral curl sets (Youtube doesn’t work on my phone). We’re a crafty household – we’ve got pipecleaners!

I tried it on my hair Sunday night and wore the pipecleaners to work Monday and I got a bunch of compliments. I had curls on Tuesday and they lasted till I washed them out this morning.  Yay!
Sadly, I didn’t get pics of my hair.  Soooo, I had to experiment on the Little Miss’s hair!  And I got pics!


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