2011 Planner Time

It’s time for me to look for a planner for next year. With the work I do, I need a handheld planner, *gasp* an actual PAPER planner. While I short of like the one I got for 2010, I miss the one I had for 2009. My 2010 planner is trade paperback size, has daily planner space on a two-page spread, and space for notes. 2009’s planner was letter size, with two-page spread daily planner space, room for notes, and tabs delineating each month. I covered it with teal fabric and was in heaven.

Ok, so I’m a little anal with the planner thing.

Before I looked at the big box store offerings, I thought I’d see what Etsy had to offer.

An Artful Agenda has this whimsical 2011 planner. It features daily, full-page art.

MyLavendarCottage has a lovely 12-month planner that can begin with any month you choose – and the months are tabbed!

I’m almost in love with this handwoven 12-month calendar by PriaVanda. Sadly, no monthly tabs. The ribbon weaving is so pretty, though.

PHOGLIe carries 2011 planners with original photos on the covers. The paper is beautiful and the photos unique. The planner with the photo of Venezia, Italy is my favorite. If only it had hourly appointment spaces and tabs…

I hope I find something to my liking before I run off and make one of my own using printed Outlook calendar pages.


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