Some Adjustment Still Needed

*Sigh*. Gone are the days when I could take a pattern, cut it out, sew it, and all would be right. Getting a proper FBA has been frustrating for me. While browsing online fashions a while back, I came across this silk dress with obi belt by TrashyDiva.

I was in love. But of course, the design didn’t come in my size. So I thought I could franken a couple of patterns I already had: McCalls 5094 and 5137. I liked the midriff and skirt of 5094 and the bodice of 5137.

I balanced the pattern proportions well enough to get the bodice and midriff attached without too much fullness… BUT the FBA just wasn’t full enough.

It looks like i need to add at least another 3″ of depth to the bodice. I had to chuck the sleeve bands before I took this photo; I think I should shorten the kimono sleeve even more. And maybe chuck the color contrast skirt band as well.

This one needs a few changes. I’ll come back to it when I’m not frustrated anymore.

Luckily, since my social life has taken an odd turn toward the busy, I used the fabric from this failed bodice to do a bodice muslin on New Look 6774. And it came out perfect!


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