Daryl Hall Concert

We are in the midst of summer here and that means – outdoor concerts! Last Friday I took the kids to the Daryl Hall concert and it was great. There was a really big crowd. He did some of his solo songs and then worked his way to Hall and Oates classics. And he did 1 encore ending with “You Make My Dreams Come True” (The theme for his web show Live from Daryl’s House).

It was a fabulous time – the weather was perfect and the kids got to hear what I play in the car so often live.
I even got a chance to work on a cross stitch project I’ve had for ever so long. This was the first time the Little Miss saw me working a cross stitch and she wanted one. So off we went to the craft store to get her a stamped cross stitch pattern. It’s a turtle on a glow-in-the-dark background. She’s been working really hard on it. And the p-stash sheet has been perfect for her to keep her project together. She even keeps her scissors in it and the scissors don’t puncture the sheet!

And the giveaway continues! If you would like to receive a sample 5-pack of p-stash storage sheets, message me with your mailing address at twiinsmom_ct at yahoo.com.


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