Bottoms Up!

*Argh* All of the blogs I was following are no longer in my list. I will have to fix that…

I finally got around to working on – and posting – refashions for me. These are a couple of simple refashions: a size 22W pleated cotton skirt I got from dollar day a few months ago and a pair of mens jeans I found at the thrift store outlet.

Black  Skirt refashion Jeans  refashion july 10

I just took in the right side seam on the skirt. The zipper is on the left so I couldn’t take it in evenly.

I put a dart in the back waist of the jeans and put 6″ cuffs in the legs to make capris. I know the big cuff is (*cough*) trendy, but I’m not sure I love it. I think I’m going to just cut and sew the legs.

On a side note – It is amazing how BIG I look in the photos I took this week. I totally think I don’t look that way in person but they say the camera never lies…


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