Back in the Saddle!

Since the move, we haven’t had internet access at home which has seriously hampered my blogging. I have been creating things, though.

I crocheted hats and neck warmers through the winter and have been refashioning things for the Little Miss. The best (okay, to be honest, the one I took photos of) refashion was her Easter outfit. It was a little chilly here on Easter so I started with a thrift wool-blend cardigan, one of my old cotton sundresses, and some green ribbon. I replaced the grey flower ribbons with green crocheted flowers. I used Teresa from Crochet Mania’s pattern. For the dress, used more green ribbon for a faux empire-waist, shortened the shoulder straps and cut a foot off the bottom of my old dress. She was thrilled!

I can hardly believe the school year is almost over for the twins. This year has been the first when I have worked part-time; it is great to be able to be with them and not have to worry about childcare.

Being at home more has given me time to work on a sewing pattern storage idea I have had as well. I’ve come up with a reclosable, heavy-weight pattern storage sheet: P-Stash. I’m giving away 5-packs to 100 people. Cennetta and Amy, as my two blog followers – would you like to me to send you each a free 5-pack? E-mail me and I will get them right out to you!


7 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle!

  1. Juli

    I'm still giving away promo 5-packs. Elbee, I must send a fellow social worker a pack – email me your addy at twiinsmom_ct at yahoo dot com


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