Summer Vacation and the Beadin’s Fine!

Now that the twins are 7, I thought it was the right time to teach them some useful skills – I mean reading, writing, and arithmetic will only take them so far.

DS loves cameras and so I dusted off my old (very old), neon green 35mm and presented it to him. We then trooped off to the library to get a kids photography book. DS did not take too kindly to the lessons…he went back to his Gameboy within a week.

Ah, but DD did not disappoint. She loves to make things, but the thought of handing her fabric, shears, and access to a sewing needle of any sort gave me the willies. Sooo, I thought she might take to jewelry making. The Little Miss already had some kid’s jewelry-making kits from holidays past. So we got a book and got going.

Things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I hoped. DD’s motor skills needed more fine-tuning than I thought. She couldn’t manipulate the beading string straight away. So, we started smaller – actually bigger. The Little Miss started beading with pipe cleaners at first. She really got the hang of it.

Then grandma saw some of DD’s pipe cleaner jewelry and commissioned 2 ankle bracelets. Here are DD’s creations made to order for grandma:

The white and clear beads on both ankle bracelets were recycled. I’m really impressed with how much her fine motor skills are improving. And of course, I had to practice with her…and made 2 necklaces from recycled materials as well!
And DS, who was not interested in “summer enrichment” at all, suddenly changed his tune when grandma paid his sister $10 for the two ankle bracelets…

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