Black Beaded Necklace

As versatile as pearls, with a little more funk, I love black beaded necklaces. My last black beaded necklace became a child casualty. Sooo, I have been searching for a simple black beaded necklace. Within my budget…

And handmade.

I was perusing Etsy today and saw a nice simple black onyx necklace that would be perfect…

This piece is being sold by Kenton Beadworks. It is wonderfully simple and versatile. And well within my budget ($35).

But – since I was already on Etsy – I kept looking.

thePinkAcorn has this lovely necklace for sale:

While it isn’t fully beaded, it’s a very striking piece. And affordable ($30).

At a little higher pricepoint ($50), PaintedHorse has this great lava choker – check out the phoenix etched into the carnelian focal bead!

And then I should have stopped looking. But I didn’t stop, and came across this showstopper by OneHipMom:

This necklace is not quite as affordable as the others ($119), but it is beautiful.

Should I be practical? Or should I splurge?


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