Pattern Adjustments Needed

I am almost finished with the Chetta B dress. I should have the hems and review done by the end of this week. I have to admit I am slightly dismayed at the results.

The proportions of my figure have changed a lot since I had the twins (and of course there is also “The Spread” to contend with). I am glad that I worked with my larger patterns first because some major slicing and dicing is going to have to take place to get the vintage patterns to work for me.

It’s been so long since I sewed for myself that I forgot how much I dislike doing pattern adjustments. I used to have a few to do – now it seems like I have to do major surgery to every pattern I want to sew.

In the olden days, I did what my mother showed me how to do — add to the seam allowances or lengthen something at the end. But the seam allowances are not the problem and I’ve got lengthening down to a science. No, I have to master the full bust adjustment. And I have to make patterns larger.

Sincerely Yours, Kate has a way with words. I decided to go with her tutorial on the much-needed FBA.

I got Power Sewing by Sandra Betzina(Webster) as a graduation gift from my high school sewing/clothing design teacher. The book is just chock-full of really useful tips. There is a great tutorial on upsizing patterns that I will have get to work on.

And once my brother and his stuff are gone [by the weekend] I should have plenty of room to spread out and start adjusting these patterns. And then maybe I’ll get to sew some more things.


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