It’s a Crying Shame

I look like a makeover “Before” just waiting to happen.

My winter wardrobe has dwindled to nothing in the past couple of years: I have one pantsuit, no dresses (for shame!), a few work-appropriate sweaters and about 3 pair of trousers. My summer wardrobe is just as bad.

That idea was hammered home on the way out yesterday when my son commented on my work ensemble: “Mommy, what happened to your chest? It wasn’t that B-I-G before…”

In truth, since the blessed arrival of my twins, the other twins have been much more um, prominent. I guess the coral pink silk turtleneck I wore to work made them more so. I couldn’t change clothes and didn’t have a jacket or a cardigan to cover up the twins, so off to work I went.

Of course, my wardrobe inventory above does not include the three pair of pants I bought to begin my new job last month. One pair of trousers and two pair of chinos (one black, one khaki) from New York and Company. While all the pants are long enough (not something I can say of all my other trousers), not one pair fit anywhere else! Either the waist is too big or the thighs are too tight. Nothing ruins an outfit more than leg wrinkles on the pants.

I guess I had better sew something. I have plenty of patterns; I have lots of fabric. I just need the time: time to alter the patterns and time to sew. And I will have 9 consecutive nonwork days to sew! BigIvyBlue has a lovely paid recess coming up and I’m going to plant myself in the basement at home to sew! And I’ve decided to start with Butterick 5260 .

I’m going to lengthen view C for a dress and make view D. Because it has so much ease, I shouldn’t have to alter this pattern at all!

Since I need dresses and pants (and a new coat, and hat and gloves, and skirts, and jackets…), I thought I would finish altering my vintage dress patterns and sew them up along with Butterick 4976 .

I would also like to alter the McCall’s 4926 pants and see if I can get at least 1 pair of chinos that fit me.

I would also like to make a wearable muslin dress and jacket using Vogue 8532 and 2752.

I’m hoping to model for “After” by the time I return to work on the 5th!


One thought on “It’s a Crying Shame

  1. Cennetta

    You have some nice patterns to work from. I hope you are able to get a few garments made during your nine day break. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.Happy Holidays!Cennetta


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