Brown Bagging It

My limited funds and persnickety taste buds are conspiring to make me cook all the time. Now that I’ve graduated from school and am back to a steady work schedule, I have (gasp!) started to cook again. I cook for the kids, get their lunches ready for school and neglect to feed myself in the mornings – or pack my own lunch. The situaton came to a head yesterday when I went to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast. I got the same breakfast I had made for the children that morning (1 egg, 1 sausage patty, 1 orange juice, and a slice of bread). With my employee discount, it cost $5+. That doesn’t even include the lunch I had to get – another $5. A loop of Chris Rock’s early bit – “Good Lord that’s a lot of money” is playing in my head at this point. Since eating at home is not an option in the a.m., what do I do? How can I carry my breakfast and lunch to work in style?

Cool hunting had a very nice grown up countdown of lunch-toting equipment. I especially like the nesting lunch pails, but metal cannot be put in the microwave. The plastica Bento box looks neat too, but what happens to it when leftover ziti is brought to work and heated?

The best solution seems to be the Mr. Bento stainless steel lunch jar. I’m going to read some reviews and see about ordering one tonight.

The conspiracy to make me cook continues.


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