Daycare or…

I came across a Yahoo News article on the economy’s effect on daycare today. I found this article to be especially striking because it is so real – I have talked with clients, friends, and even felt the squeeze myself about the cost of childcare and the hard choices parents must make to keep their families together.

Personally, it is my fondest wish to have a job that would both pay enough for me to sustain my family and allow me to be home for my twins. LOL! Realistically, I had to give up the direct service/social service social worker career path so that I can sustain my family financially and emotionally.

My situation is slightly different from the people profiled in the article because it focused on low income families. This is not an issue that only affects “low income” families, or “under-educated” parents, or similarly stigmatizing, derogatory labels. I am a well-educated homeowner with a federally recognized middle-class income – and I still struggle with daycare costs. While I commend the AP writer on highlighting the issue, I believe that it is much more pervasive and class-crossing than the profiles would have us believe.


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