The Coveted Pattern

My apologies for such a looong silence. I have a new job and a broken laptop so my delusions, ahem, dreams of sewing and blogging about my sewing were hastily shoved to the back of the priority line.

But, my boss has changed the dress code at work and I now rue the day I threw out all my business attire for social worker-gear. I need business clothes on a non-profit budget; it’s time to get sewing!

While flipping through the October Elle, I saw this lovely Michael Kors dress –
The neckline on this dress is just fabulous (insert rapturous sigh here). Then, Vogue sent out their Winter/Holiday collection promo email with this dress –

With a little tweaking to eliminate the collar, Vogue 8532 will be the coveted Michael Kors dress. I must make this dress for my work attire right away. It’s too bad I just missed JoAnn’s and’s latest pattern sales. Is 8532 worth it to (heavens) go out and pay full price?
Happy sewing!

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