Where’s the Vintage?

Ah, so much for the my entry into the Vintage pattern contest. Earlier this month I had ordered 3 lovely vintage patterns from Lanetz Living.
There is no date on the Marian Martin “1970’s mail order dress” – that inverted pleat is so neat. The Simplicity shirtdress (with a front zipper!) has a copyright date of 1976 – sigh. And the pattern I bought for DD, McCall’s 3077, is much too easy to enter into the contest, although I have gotten around to the pattern alterations on her outfit.

I also ordered 1 pattern from eBay. Sadly, it has been 27 days since my eBay order and I have yet to lay my hands on the Vogue 1060 – the Vogue Americana Anne Klein pattern – I ordered.

It was the sleeves that got me – hopefully the pattern will surface…
Even though I don’t have an entry in the contest, just entering got my creative juices flowing! I should be able to knock out The Little Miss’s dress and smock this week and hopefully talk a friend into turning beads into buttons for the mail order shirtdress. Work got in the way of my pattern alterations, but that’s okay. I will make time to sew in the coming weeks.
Happy Sewing!

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