Degeneration of a Hairstyle

Karen had a vision of how her bridal party’s hair should look. I got my locs styled (and my loctition decided to cut them! while she was at it) two days before the ceremony. The Little Miss only wanted to wear twists at that time, but Karen wanted her to hair to be pressed and curled for the ceremony. It was a nice idea in theory…

Karen made a hair appointment for the rest of the wedding party. The appointment was the day before the wedding and The Little Miss’s hair looked great right after it was pressed and curled. She looked fab…

But August humidity does not treat natural hair kindly. Here she is at the rehearsal dinner (I don’t have permission to post Karen’s image online)…

By the time we woke up on the morning of the wedding, The Little Miss’s hair was a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R. I didn’t have time to braid her hair so we left the flat twist in the front and tried to make an afro-puff crown at the back. By the afternoon reception, The Little Miss’s hair just was what it was – and she wore it well. The twins both had a great time at the reception.

I started her Bradelocs two weeks later…

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